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Testimonials : page 1

“Kelly: I just wanted to take some time to compliment you on the terrific job you did hosting me on the press trip to St. Barth. That was my third time on the island, and I have to say I have never received a more expansive view of the many appeals of the destination. I think I pretty much saw a spectrum of beach locations, hotels, rental villas, restaurants and other activities that were completely on-target for my publication. But a special thanks for accommodating some out-of-the-box personal requests which enhanced my personal experience of the island. We did a lot in a few days, but because of you, it felt like a little vacation, as well. My appreciation and understanding of the island has grown, as has my love for it.”
Michael D. Espindle : Elite Traveler, The Private Jet Lifestyle Magazine

“Kelly brought me down to St. Barth last June on a trip that was exemplary for Kelly's level of planning and attention to detail. She was organized, she was an excellent host, and she represented the island with the utmost expertise and professionalism. The trip has produced two articles (so far) about St. Barth in Worth, and that's really due to a combination of the beauty of the island and Kelly’s intuitive understanding of what stories might work for Worth's affluent readers.”
Richard Bradley : Worth magazine

“I felt the trip was entirely professional and wonderfully planned in every way. Kelly showed us all the sites, both day life and night life, and was a perfect host/ guide to the island for our articles.”
Baroness Sheri de Borchgrave : Bloomberg Pursuits and New York Cottages & Gardens

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