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Public Relations
• Press trips
• Media relations
• Press kits
• Strategic campaign planning and execution
• Promotions
• Photo shoots
• Press releases and media alerts
• Creative strategies
• Deskside media tours

• Celebrity visits
• Celebrations
• Conferences
• Exhibitions
• Sponsorship

• Blogs
• Brochures
• Copywriting
• Direct mailing
• Guerrilla marketing
• Social Media
• Goodie bags
• Press conferences
• Product launches
• Trade shows
• Theme nights/Special events
• Grassroots marketing
• Newsletters
• Search engine optimization
• Sponsorships
• Viral marketing

We significantly broaden brand awareness for our clients and fully establish their reputation through appropriate media outlets, with the right positioning and consistent messaging.

We will suggest partnerships and cross promotions with other well-known companies in your industry, that align with your brand. These promotions increase the news value of our messages, have terrific publicity value and create word-of-mouth buzz.

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